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Water Turbines’ In-Pipe Hydro renewable energy technology converts potential energy in existing water supplies to electricity.

Our patented and proven in-pipe systems provide an ideal way to generate electricity and become more cost efficient, and can be used for every drinking and raw water situation where there is potential to extract energy from water pressure and flows.

We provide a range of turbine solutions including our ‘Pico’ Turbines (5 Watts to 3kW in size) for battery charging in remote and ‘off-grid’ locations, to our bespoke ‘MicroRegen’ and ‘HydroRegen’ Turbines (2kW to 400 kW in size) for on-site consumption, grid connection and electrical export projects.

The Turbines can be retrofitted to existing water facilities or specified for new works and we work with water utility companies, large water users, commercial property owners and local authorities. Our smaller turbines are ideal for deployment in manufacturing and processing plants, commercial buildings and the urban fabric as well as being a smart solution for remote locations.

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Plug and Play Installation

The vertical axis and in-line turbine design results in a very compact system which is easily installed in existing water systems. Our turbines use an innovative electronic regenerative braking system combined with hydraulic control, which has created a solution for energy recovery in situations not achievable before.

When combining this patented electronic braking technology with our smaller and more flexible in-line turbines, the control ranges and efficiency are similar to those obtained by more traditional hydro machines at a much lower cost. Ongoing operation and maintenance is simple and low cost.

We provide a full turnkey installation package covering all stages from initial feasibility assessments and development work through to construction and commissioning, and with ongoing O&M support.

We also provide fully funded options for our MicroRegen and HydroRegen Turbines which means no CapEx or OpEx costs and access to cheaper electricity.

Latest News Articles

Coming Soon – Low Head Turbines

Our ‘low head’ turbines operate with available pressure of less than 10 metres and with larger flow rates. Turbine sizes range up to 350kW. These turbines are ideal for water channels or rivers and retro-fitting of existing hydro power plants.

These turbines are currently completing testing and we will be launching to the market soon.